Rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, is a specialized surgical procedure aimed at reshaping the nose to enhance facial harmony and balance. Located in Warrendale, PA, Aestique Plastic Surgery recognizes the nose's significance on facial appearance, offering Rhinoplasty to refine its structure, correct defects, and improve breathing issues. Dr. Theodore Lazzaro, a renowned Pittsburgh rhinoplasty specialist, tailors each procedure to the individual, ensuring results that complement the patient's unique facial structure.

For those contemplating Rhinoplasty, it's vital to recognize the chin's role in facial balance. Sometimes, Dr. Lazzaro may suggest chin augmentation with Rhinoplasty for the best results. At Aestique Plastic Surgery, we emphasize patient education and informed decisions. If you're looking to elevate your facial aesthetics and confidence, schedule an appointment with us.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty:

  • Enhances facial harmony and balance.
  • Corrects breathing difficulties.
  • Addresses defects from injuries or congenital conditions.
  • Can improve the profile view of the face.
  • Tailored to individual facial structures for natural results.
  • May boost self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Can be combined with other procedures for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.
  • Performed by experienced and qualified plastic surgeons.
  • Modern techniques ensure minimal scarring and downtime.
  • Offers long-lasting and often permanent results.


Anyone unhappy with their nose and with realistic expectations, especially those aged 14-16 and above, is deemed a suitable candidate by Dr. Lazzaro.
While initial results are seen about five to seven days post-surgery after splint removal, the final appearance can fully manifest in six months to a year.
Rhinoplasty results are typically long-lasting, often permanent, with the final appearance stabilizing between six months to a year.
With minimal post-operative discomfort due to the absence of nasal packing, patients experience peak swelling and bruising 48-72 hours after surgery. Still, they can resume routine activities within days, avoiding strenuous tasks for a few weeks.
Communication with Dr. Lazzaro is crucial. He will provide detailed pre-operative and post-operative instructions, including dietary restrictions, activity limitations, and care for the surgical site.
The surgery, usually taking 1-2 hours, is done under general anesthesia. Dr. Lazzaro uses the open rhinoplasty method, making a discreet incision for precision. He then reshapes the bone, cartilage, and tissue for the desired outcome.

Before and After

Before After
Before After

This 15 year old complained of not liking her side view of her nose, particularly the bridge.
Dr Lazzaro performed a rhinoplasty to help smooth the line giving her the profile she wanted.

AGE 15 HEIGHT 5’ 5” WEIGHT 116

Before After
Before After

This 17 year old displeased with the appearance of her nose, namely the hump and the tip. Dr Lazzaro performed
an open rhinoplasty.

AGE 17 HEIGHT 5’ 8” WEIGHT 114

Before After
Before After

This 30 year old complained of some difficulty breathing on the right side, and she is displeased with the nose, primarily the hump over the dorsum after an injury about 2 years ago. Dr Lazzaro performed an open septorhinoplasty to restore some function as well as give her the profile she was hoping for.

AGE 30 HEIGHT 5’ 6” WEIGHT 130

Before After

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