Liposuction is a premier body contouring method that refines the body's natural lines, boosting self-confidence. At Aestique Plastic Surgery in Warrendale, PA, Dr. Lazzaro uses the cutting-edge Vaser LipoSelection technique. Leveraging VASER®'s ultrasonic technology, this method efficiently breaks down fat cells for removal, causing minimal tissue damage. The result is a sleek silhouette with barely noticeable scars and a swift recovery. LipoSelection® effectively targets various areas, from the chin to stubborn back fat, ensuring precision and minimal tissue trauma.

For those in good health with persistent fat, the LipoSelection® System provides a transformative solution. Candidates should have elastic skin and be near their ideal weight. Post-surgery, it's vital to follow Dr. Lazzaro's guidelines and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For a refined look, consult Aestique Plastic Surgery.

Benefits of Liposuction with the LipoSelection® System:

  • Improved body contours.
  • Less tissue trauma.
  • Reduced post-op discomfort.
  • Treats various areas.
  • Minimal scarring.
  • Quick recovery.
  • Efficient fat removal.
  • Custom plans by Dr. Lazzaro.
  • Durable results with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Complements other contouring methods.


Ideal candidates are healthy individuals near their target weight with elastic skin. Those with specific body contours can benefit, but those with medical concerns or inelastic skin may not be suitable.
While some changes are noticeable immediately post-procedure, the final results typically manifest over several weeks as the swelling subsides and the body adapts to its new contours.
The fat cells eliminated during Liposuction are permanently gone. However, maintaining the results requires a balanced diet and regular exercise to prevent the accumulation of new fat deposits.
After surgery, patients might experience numbness, bruising, or soreness and are advised to wear supportive garments for 3-4 weeks. While Liposuction is typically safe, it can pose risks like trauma, fluid buildup, and uneven contouring.
Before surgery, patients should share their goals and medical details with Dr. Lazzaro and follow pre-surgical guidelines. After the procedure, adhering to Dr. Lazzaro’s advice, including wearing recommended garments and taking medications, is essential.
The procedure, usually taking 1-2 hours, uses a tube inserted through a small incision to ultrasound-break and suction out fat cells, with minimal impact on surrounding tissues.

Before and After

Before After

This 25 year old was extremely self conscious about redundant fat in the trunk and back area. Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the circumferential trunk and back area to give her the smooth contour she was looking for.

AGE 25 HEIGHT 5’ 2” WEIGHT 160

PROCEDURES Lipo to circumferential trunk and back

Before After

This 42 year old complained about redundant fat of her trunk and back area after having kids. Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the circumferential trunk and back area to smooth out her silhouette.

AGE 42 HEIGHT 5’ 7” WEIGHT 162

PROCEDURES Lipo to circumferential trunk and back

Before After
Before After

This 66 year old complained about fullness to her upper arm area and fatty tissue.
Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the tricep area of the arms.

AGE 66 HEIGHT 5’ 5” WEIGHT 172

PROCEDURES Lipo to arms

Before After

This 64 year old complained about a tired look, jowling and laxity in her skin as well as her turkey neck.
Dr Lazzaro performed a facelift procedure as well as submental liposculpture to give her that clean jaw line.

AGE 64 HEIGHT 5’ 1” WEIGHT 152

PROCEDURES Submental Liposculpture

Before After
Before After

This 45 year old complained about redundant fat on her thighs despite exercise and diet.
Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the bilateral thighs.

AGE 45 HEIGHT 5’ 5” WEIGHT 139

PROCEDURES Liposculpture bilateral thighs

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