Lesion Removal in Greensburg PA

Lesion Removal

Lesion removal is a specialized procedure designed to eliminate abnormal growths or skin tags, which can range from warts and moles to lipomas and potentially cancerous growths. These lesions can present in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and may either lie flat or protrude from the skin. Led by Pittsburgh's Dr. Theodore Lazzaro, lesion removal serves both cosmetic and preventive health purposes. Many are unaware that this procedure is often covered by insurance, ensuring that patients receive the best care without undue financial burden.

Addressing lesions, particularly those with irregular edges or varying shades, is crucial as they can develop into severe skin cancers like malignant melanoma. Keratoses, raised yellowish-brown lesions, often appear on sun-exposed areas and can progress to basal or squamous cell cancer if untreated. At Aestique Plastic Surgery, lesion removals are minimally invasive and usually done under local anesthesia, taking 15 to 45 minutes. Most patients have minimal discomfort and no downtime. For complex cases, Dr. Lazzaro may advise limited physical activity. Book a consultation today for personalized lesion removal advice.


  • Early detection and prevention of potential skin cancers.
  • Minimally invasive.
  • Often insurance-covered.
  • Done by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Theodore Lazzaro.
  • 15 to 45-minute procedure.
  • Little to no downtime.
  • Quick return to activities.
  • Minimal discomfort.
  • Local or MAC/sedation options.
  • Tailored to individual needs.


Those with abnormal skin growths, particularly with irregular edges or shades, are ideal candidates; consult Dr. Lazzaro for an evaluation.
Results are immediate, as the lesion is removed during the procedure. The healing process varies depending on the individual and the size and location of the lesion.
Once a lesion is removed, it typically does not return. However, it’s crucial to monitor the skin for any new growths and have regular check-ups.
Most patients experience no downtime with minimal side effects, though complex cases may need a few days of limited activity.
Before the procedure, avoid medications causing bleeding. After, follow Dr. Lazzaro’s care instructions, including cleanliness and avoiding sun exposure.
Expect a swift, minimally invasive procedure under local anesthesia, with Dr. Lazzaro ensuring your comfort and addressing concerns.

Before and After

This 25 year old was extremely self conscious about redundant fat in the trunk and back area. Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the circumferential trunk and back area to give her the smooth contour she was looking for.

AGE 25 HEIGHT 5’ 2” WEIGHT 160

This 42 year old complained about redundant fat of her trunk and back area after having kids. Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the circumferential trunk and back area to smooth out her silhouette.

AGE 42 HEIGHT 5’ 7” WEIGHT 162

This 66 year old complained about fullness to her upper arm area and fatty tissue.
Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the tricep area of the arms.

AGE 66 HEIGHT 5’ 5” WEIGHT 172

This 64 year old complained about a tired look, jowling and laxity in her skin as well as her turkey neck.
Dr Lazzaro performed a facelift procedure as well as submental liposculpture to give her that clean jaw line.

AGE 64 HEIGHT 5’ 1” WEIGHT 152

This 45 year old complained about redundant fat on her thighs despite exercise and diet.
Dr Lazzaro performed liposculpture of the bilateral thighs.

AGE 45 HEIGHT 5’ 5” WEIGHT 139

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