Facial Rejuvenation (Fat Transfers) For Men in Wexford PA

Facial Rejuvenation (Fat Transfers) For Men in Wexford PA

Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Transfers is a top solution for men aiming to reverse aging signs. Using the body's own fat as a natural filler, Dr. Lazzaro at Aestique Plastic Surgery in Wexford, PA, skillfully conducts this procedure. Fat is sourced from areas like the abdomen or thighs, refined, and then injected to address facial concerns like wrinkles and volume loss. The treatment duration varies, ranging from 1 to 4 hours.

For men experiencing signs of aging like facial volume loss and wrinkles, Facial Rejuvenation (Fat Transfers) offers a lasting solution using one's own fat, eliminating rejection risks. Though recovery might be longer than other fillers, its results are permanent. If you're seeking a natural remedy to facial aging, consider this procedure at Aestique Plastic Surgery and regain your youthful look.

Benefits of Facial Rejuvenation (Fat Transfers) for Men:

A brow lift, can give you a more youthful, refreshed look. The muscles and skin that cause troublesome wrinkles, creases or sagging are removed or altered to smooth the forehead, raise the upper eyelids and minimize frown lines. While this facial rejuvenation procedure can be done alone, Dr. Lazzaro often performs brow lift in conjunction with other procedures, such as blepharoplasty and facelift.

  • Natural filler from one’s fat.
  • Treats various facial issues at once.
  • Longer-lasting than temporary fillers.
  • Low allergy or rejection risk.
  • Enhances face and sculpts donor areas.
  • Safely done under certification.
  • Natural-looking results.
  • Low procedural risks.
  • Holistic facial rejuvenation.
  • Personalized treatment for individuals.


Men with good to fair skin tone who have experienced signs of aging like facial volume loss, wrinkles, or sagging jowls. It’s essential that candidates do not have circulation issues from medical conditions or smoking.
While some immediate changes might be noticeable, the full results typically manifest as swelling and bruising subside, usually within a few weeks.
The results are more enduring than other fillers, offering a more permanent solution to facial aging.
Yes, expect some swelling and bruising during the initial two weeks. Pain medication can help manage any discomfort.
It’s crucial to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Lazzaro to discuss goals and desires. Post-treatment, limit activities for the first few days and follow up with the doctor after five to seven days.
The process involves harvesting fat from a donor site, processing it, and then injecting it into the desired facial areas. The treatment duration can range from 1 to 4 hours based on the areas being addressed.

Before and After

Before After
Before After

This 68 old complained of puffiness of his lower eyelids and deflation of his midface and also a lesion of his right lower eyelid which seems to be getting larger and irritated. Dr Lazzaro used fat from hisr abdomen and did a fat transfer to lower lids, midface and did a phenol peel on his lower eyelid area. Also removed the lesion at this same time.

AGE 68 HEIGHT 6’ 1” WEIGHT 195

PROCEDURES Fat transfer to lower lids, midface, Lower lid phenol peel, Lesion removal

Before After
Before After

This 51 old complained of redundant fat in the spare tire area, also deflation of his lower eyelids and midface and he complains of a deviation of his septum, sticking through his nostril. Dr Lazzaro performed fat transfer using fat from his trunk to his lower eyelids and midface, and also performed an upper lid blepharoplasty to lift the eyes. He also did a septoplasty to give his nose balance.

AGE 51 HEIGHT 6’ 3” WEIGHT 200

PROCEDURES Fat transfer to lower lids, midface, Upper lid blepharoplasty, Septoplasty

Before After
Before After

This 57 old was primarily concerned with his eyelids, midface, and a little around his chin of some deflation and some laxity of his upper eyelids. he is noticing excessively more excessive skin of his upper eyelids as well as hollowness around his lower eyes and midface and perioral area due to a medical condition. Dr Lazzaro performed a fat transfer using fat from his thighs & knee area and placed it in his lower eyelid area, midface, around the mouth and jawline.

AGE 57 HEIGHT 6’ 0” WEIGHT 180

PROCEDURES Fat transfer to lower lids, midface, perioral and jawline, Upper lid blepharoplasty,

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