Breast Lift in Pittsburgh PA

Breast Lift in Pittsburgh PA

A breast lift, or mastopexy, rejuvenates sagging breasts, giving them a youthful appearance. Factors like pregnancy, aging, and gravity can lead to sagging as skin loses elasticity. Dr. Theodore Lazzaro at Aestique Plastic Surgery in Pittsburgh, PA, offers this outpatient procedure to address these concerns. Whether due to minimal sagging (Class I) or severe sagging (Class III), Dr. Lazzaro employs tailored techniques, ranging from crescent incisions to anchor-shaped incisions, to achieve optimal results. For added fullness, breast implants can complement the lift.

Ideal breast lift candidates are healthy women satisfied with their breast size but concerned about sagging. Results might be shorter-lived for larger breasts, with reduction sometimes preferred. Consider delaying the lift if planning pregnancies, as they can affect results. At Aestique Plastic Surgery, your goals are our priority. Consult Dr. Lazzaro for realistic outcomes and before-and-after insights.

Benefits of a Breast Lift:

  • Restores youthful breast appearance.
  • Elevates and reshapes breasts.
  • Boosts breast firmness.
  • Combinable with breast augmentation.
  • Enhances self-confidence.
  • Customized surgical techniques.
  • Reduced post-op discomfort.
  • Absorbable sutures used.
  • Scars fade with time.
  • Expert care from seasoned surgeons.


Ideal candidates are healthy women who are satisfied with their breast size but are concerned about sagging or positioning. It’s best for those who have realistic expectations about the results.
Results are visible right after surgery, but the final appearance will become evident as the healing process progresses and swelling subsides.
The duration of outcomes depends on personal factors such as breast size and skin elasticity. However, maintaining a stable weight and leading a healthy lifestyle can prolong the results.
Recovery from a breast lift is gradual. Patients may return to work within a week but should avoid heavy lifting for six weeks. Side effects can include scarring, though these fade over time.
Before surgery, discuss expectations with Dr. Lazzaro and heed pre-op instructions. Post-surgery, wear the advised bra and avoid strenuous tasks, following care guidelines.
The procedure varies based on the degree of sagging. Dr. Lazzaro will employ techniques ranging from crescent incisions for minimal sagging to anchor-shaped incisions for severe sagging. Breast implants can be added if desired.

Before and After

Before After
Before After

This 42 year old complained of sagging breasts and felt she was just a bit too large. Dr. Lazzaro performed a
small amount of lipo to reduce the size of the breasts and lifted them to give her the desired outcome.

AGE 42 HEIGHT 5’ 5” WEIGHT 120

PROCEDURES Mastopexy with partial reduction

Before After
Before After

This 39 year old Mom of 1 complained of sagging, small breasts after breast feeding her child for 3 years. Dr Lazzaro
performed a lift and used implants to give her the fullness she was looking forward.

AGE 39 HEIGHT 5” 4” WEIGHT 125

PROCEDURES Mastopexy with Breast Augmentation using 350cc Moderate Plus Implants

Before After
Before After

This 50 year old woman complained of loss of fullness and some size in her breasts after breast feeding 3 children and
having a breast biopsy performed a year prior. She was a small A cup and wanted to be a full C.

AGE 50 HEIGHT 5’ 1” WEIGHT 108

PROCEDURES Mastopexy, Breast augmentation using 375cc High Profile implants

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